The Best Mobile Apps to Track Your Crypto Portfolio

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If you’re looking for a crypto tracking app, then these six are some of the best you’ll find. With the majority available on Android or iOS devices, you’ll never have to think about tracking again.

1. Blockfolio

Blockfolio app

With over five million downloads, Blockfolio is possibly the biggest crypto portfolio tracking app. Available on both Android and iOS, this free app is packed with features. It supports over 6,000 cryptocurrencies, and 250 exchanges. It aggregates the latest information about projects you are interested in, and has the following features:

  • Breaking news
  • Cost calculations
  • Price change alerts
  • Price charts
  • Profit/loss trends
  • Real time order books

The Blockfolio team commit to “providing the best products to help the advancement of the decentralized movement and ecosystem”. This app will always be 100% free, and it doesn’t require any strange installation permissions. This is a highly polished, stable, and free app, and so it easily tops this list as “the best app full stop”.

2. Delta

Delta app

Delta is another big name in the portfolio tracking space. With just over 100,000 installs, it can’t compete with Blockfolio in terms of the number of users, but it still maintains a healthy user base. Available on Android and iOS, this app is beautifully designed and easy to use. It also supports Mac, Windows, and Linux desktop computers, and syncs data across multiple devices.

Delta supports 200 exchanges and 3,000 cryptocurrencies. It provides the following features:

  • Custom coin support for new ICOs
  • Custom overview
  • Exchange link automatic tracking
  • Multiple portfolios
  • Personal investment trend
  • Total profit/loss

The ability to link this app to your exchanges makes it super simple to track your trades, although you should consider using an offline wallet to keep everything really secure.

Despite being a “free” app, Delta isn’t without its faults. While 95% of this app is free, the final five percent is only available to Delta Pro subscribers, requiring an ongoing monthly or yearly payment. Becoming a pro member lifts many limits — the total number of exchange links, total wallets, sync across more devices. Delta claims Delta Pro helps keep the core application free, and not paying for Pro is only likely to limit you if you have a vast portfolio.

3. Bitsnapp


With roughly 10,000 users, Bitsnapp is far from tiny, but it has a loyal fanbase. This app is available on Android only, but it offers a wealth of features. By focusing only on one mobile ecosystem, you, in theory, have a higher quality app.

Bitsnapp supports nearly 2000 cryptocurrencies and offers a combination of basic or full charts, so you can choose between a simpler view or the full data. It also has:

  • 25+ exchange integrations
  • Custom alerts
  • Fast user interface
  • Mining pool tracking
  • Per-project detailed statistics
  • Support for manual transaction tracking

Unlike Delta, Bitsnapp lets you link an unlimited number of exchanges, and will automatically track all your assets. It’s 100% free and doesn’t offer a “pro” version. It’s also regularly maintained with a focus on security, so you can be confident the intimate details of your fortune won’t get plastered all over the papers.

4. Coin Stats

Coin Stats app

Not only is Coin Stats available on Android and iOS, but it’s also a free online price tracker, similar to CoinMarketCap. Free to download and use, Coin Stats offers in-app purchases for unlimited access to coin statistics. It supports:

  • Alerts
  • Coin favourites
  • Exchange syncing
  • News
  • Portfolio sharing with friends

The interface is clear and simple, and the apps rarely crash. New updates are released almost weekly at times. Strangely, Coin Stats claim to be “the #1 free Bitcoin & cryptocurrency portfolio tracking app”, which is odd given it has just over 50,000 installs on Android.

If you don’t wish to connect to an exchange, you can quickly and easily add a transaction manually. In addition to this, you can create custom widgets to display your portfolio on the app home screen. These are slightly limited, however.

5. CoinTracker

CoinTracker app

Designed specifically to simplify tax reporting on cryptos, CoinTracker is available on both Android and iOS devices. CoinTracker supports:

  • 2,500+ coins
  • Exchange integration
  • Performance tracking
  • Wallet integration

While it’s free to track your portfolio, CoinTracker charges a one-off fee per-year to generate your crypto tax forms. This varies based on the number of transactions but can range from a few dollars to several hundred. You don’t have to pay this fee, but it’s worth considering if it can help you with your tax reporting.

With roughly 1,000 installs, CoinTracker is something of a hidden gem. Its interface is basic but reliable, and the uncluttered approach keeps things simple. This app has many positive reviews, with many users claiming that it’s “So much better than Blockfolio”, and how they couldn’t do their crypto taxes without it. If you don’t need the tax reporting features, you may prefer some additional features present in other apps.

6. Blox

Blox app

Blox is a beautiful app, it’s possibly the best designed interface on this list. It’s free, and works across Android, iOS, and the website. It syncs your data across all devices with no additional charge. It has:

  • BTC/ETH wallet watching
  • CSV import/export
  • Exchange integration
  • Full transaction history
  • Multiple portfolios

The ability to import or export a CSV is a brilliant feature. You can easily import your tracking spreadsheet and get started with the app, or you can export to a spreadsheet and start digging into your statistics.

This app integrates brilliantly with exchanges, but this is limited to a select few at the moment. Hopefully, this will expand in the future, but if your exchange isn’t listed, you can easily add trade details manually.

Finally, Blox supports several enterprise-level features. You have to request a demo and a price for some of these features, but if you’re in a business that needs features such as auditing, shared workspaces, attachments, and more, then this is the app to get.

What’s Your Favorite Cryptocurrency App?

While we can’t cover every single app available, these truly are some of the best:

  1. Blockfolio: The most popular app, and 100% free.
  2. Delta: More features than Blockfolio, but requires payment for some advanced parts.
  3. Bitsnapp : Slick Android only app, 100% free.
  4. Coin Stats: Free across mobile or web platforms, but offers in-app purchases.
  5. CoinTracker: Limited features but excellent tax reporting (for a fee).
  6. Blox: Beautifully designed app with strong business credentials.

If you’re looking for somewhere to store your cryptocurrencies, and not just look at them, then the best cryptocurrency wallets are a good place to start. You may also want to consider the best cryptocurrency exchanges as possible options to link your mobile app. Let us know what apps you use in the comments below.

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  1. Nice review. Doesn’t cover what the apps do with your data (how they make money). I saw a review somewhere that said Blockfolio sells all your data to private and government clients but that Delta doesn’t. This is pretty important to know!

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