5 Blockchain Mainnet Launches Coming in 2019

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A new blockchain release usually comes with some fanfare. At least, tokens using that blockchain receive a nice price boost coinciding with the mainnet launch. That’s due to the additional interest and focus on the blockchain, its tokens, and dApps around the time of the launch.

Here are several mainnet launches coming up in 2019.

1. 0Chain (ZCN)

0Chain (ZCN) is one of the most hotly anticipated mainnet launches of 2019. 0Chain is building a blockchain from the ground up, integrating enterprise level decentralized cloud storage, using an innovative consensus protocol. Interest in 0Chain grew in April 2019 when their AlphaNet (a testnet) [No Longer Available] launched, along with beta versions of the core 0Chain products, the 0Box iOS app, 0ChainNet Explorer, a test 0ChainNet Faucet, and 0ChainNet Service Providers.

The 0Chain blockchain token, ZCN, is interesting, too. While all cryptocurrencies and blockchains have some foundation in mathematics, 0Chain’s ZCN token price has a strong mathematical base, explained here in the official ZCN Token Valuation paper.

0Chain completed an ICO in February 2018, raising £39,000,000. The 0Chain roadmap puts the mainnet launch in Q4 2019.

2. NEM (XEM) Catapult

The second mainnet the catches the eye is the NEM Catapult. NEM Catapult is a blockchain engine that the NEM Foundation will use to power both private and public blockchains. The NEM mainnet is already up and running. You may remember that the Coincheck exchange was the subject of the largest cryptocurrency hack in history, loosing over $500 million worth of NEM tokens in a single breach.

NEM Catapult, then, is a major NEM mainnet update. The Catapult update introduces an updated codebase, aggregated transactions for decentralized swaps, and multi-level signature accounts.

The continuing development of Catapult and a price rally for the XEM token has put NEM firmly back in the eyes of the blockchain world. Catapult is expected to hit the NEM blockchain before 31st December 2019.

Check out our NEM (XEM) Coin Study to find out more!

You can purchase NEM over at Binance. Need a Binance account, use our link to sign up and receive the eternal thanks of the Blocks Decoded team!

3. Chainlink (LINK)

Whew, the mainnet launch hype train doesn’t stop! The Chainlink mainnet is incredibly close to launching; it may well have already gone live by the time this post hits the Blocks Decoded site. But as it is so close, and Chainlink is such an interesting blockchain, it is well worth including on the list.

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Chainlink is a decentralized oracle provider. A blockchain oracle is an important step between smart contracts and off-chain services. (Click here to find out more about the role of blockchain oracles.) In that, if you have a site or service that wants to use smart contracts or other blockchain technology without becoming tokenized or a DApp itself, a blockchain oracle bridges the gap. The oracle, then, verifies real-world data and provides it for smart contracts, allowing a smart contract to fulfill using information not readily available on its blockchain.

There are existing blockchain oracle providers. However, Chainlink is the first decentralized blockchain oracle provider. As Chainlink is decentralized, it protects its oracle data from external attack, which is one of the biggest issues for a centralized oracle. Chainlink implements “source and oracle distribution.” That means that instead of relying on a single oracle, it uses multiple oracles to collect data. In turn, Chainlink expects these oracles to take their data from multiple sources to ensure data integrity throughout the platform, and for the smart contracts relying on the data.

At the current time, Chainlink decentralized oracles only work with the Ethereum blockchain. There are plans for future expansion, however. As I said, the Chainlink mainnet is imminent. Keep your eyes peeled for announcements, or give the Blocks Decoded Chainlink coin study a read in the meantime!

4. Cortex (CTCX)

Cortex is another mainnet that is very close to launching. The Cortex development team are aiming to take Cortex live during Q2 2019—the very time I am writing this article. So, what is Cortex?

Cortex is a decentralized blockchain-based AI and machine learning platform. The idea is that developers can write machine learning dApps on the Cortex blockchain. Cortex has its own virtual machine, the Cortex Virtual Machine (CVM), which is fully Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compliant.

Using the Cortex blockchain, developers can add artificial intelligence to their smart contracts, with the AI smart contracts able to autonomously respond to external data—including those that programmers have not anticipated. And while the use of AI in smart contracts sounds fanciful at the current time, the demands placed on smart contracts and blockchains will only continue to grow. Using machine learning to assist with the development and maintenance of advanced smart contracts will surely become a vital tool in the blockchain developer’s toolkit.

The Cortex whitepaper [PDF] is an interesting read, that’s for sure.

You can purchase Cortex over at Binance. If you need a Binance account, use our link to sign up and help keep Blocks Decoded ticking over.

5. Insolar (INS)

Insolar is an open source blockchain platform for distributed business networks, focusing on business to business connections. Insolar has lofty goals, too, labeling the project “Blockchain 4.0.” While that is probably a little dramatic, Insolar is providing more than a basic business blockchain, building enterprise dApps alongside the Insolar blockchain to provide an entire ecosystem for business to jump into.

insolar roadmap

Essentially, Insolar aims to simplify the increasingly complex world of business. That means make supply chains easier to manage between businesses, helping business leaders coordinate and cooperate, and making better use of distributed ledger technology to help businesses grow. Insolar is concentrating on supply chain and logistics, energy and utilities, retail and consumer goods, and the automotive industries.

Insolar is a rebrand of the original INS Ecosystem, which was a business to consumer-focused blockchain. The pivot to B2B and rebrand to Insolar, plus the launch of a testnet in early March 2019 has seen the Insolar project attract a healthy following. With the launch of a mainnet projected for late September 2019, expect interest in Insolar to continue rising.

What Mainnet Launch Are You Watching?

These are just five mainnet launches coming to a blockchain near you in 2019. But there are plenty more mainnets going live throughout 2019, plus a heap of mainnet upgrades, updates, and features launches, too.

Want to keep track of the mainnet launches? Check out the best cryptocurrency calendars that’ll keep you on top of every mainnet launch!

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