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Which Are the Best Cold Wallets? Download Your Free PDF to Find Out

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When you own crypto, security needs to be at the forefront of your mind at all times.

Unlike banks and credit cards, which typically have insurances in place to protect you against theft, crypto users are solely responsible for their own security. If someone steals your tokens, you have no form of recourse and you’re unlikely to ever see your assets again.

Hot wallets are most vulnerable; they maintain a permanent online connection, giving would-be hackers an easy entry point. Wallets offered by exchanges fall into this bracket—you should never store your tokens on exchanges long-term.

To make sure you have the best possible chance of keeping your crypto safe, you need to use a cold wallet. Cold wallets do not maintain an active internet connection. As long as you keep the private keys safe, your crypto will be safe.

But which are the best cold wallets you can buy today? We have made a list of our top five choices. We feel confident recommending all of them to our readers.

To discover which wallets we picked, you need to download our free in-house PDF. We’ve revealed all our selections and included some extra information to help you decide which is right for you..

Download the Best Cold Wallets Guide

If you’re ready to grab a copy of the PDF, you’ll need to head to the website of our distribution partner, TradePub. If you’re using TradePub for the first time, you’ll need to complete a short form to access it. Don’t worry, it’s a one-time event.

Download: The Best Cold Wallets PDF (Free)

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