10 Best Crypto and Bitcoin Newsletters You Must Subscribe To

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One of the best ways to keep on top of the crypto world is to let it come to you. By which I mean, sign up to the best free cryptocurrency newsletters and receive up to date crypto news daily, weekly, and monthly in your inbox.

There are hundreds of crypto and blockchain newsletters out there vying for your attention. Here are the 10 best crypto newsletters for you to sign up to right now.

1. Off The Chain

off the chain with pomp

Off The Chain with Anthony Pompliano is one of the most popular crypto newsletters, with tens of thousands of subscribers. You can expect a range of cryptocurrency and blockchain talk, covering exchanges, assets, securities, tokens, trading, and much more.

Although Off The Chain does have a focus on investment, that focus gives the newsletter a wide scope leading to different areas. Pompliano is the founder of and a partner at Morgan Creek Digital, a fund focused on digital assets. That experience translates into an informative daily newsletter that will keep you ahead of the cryptocurrency markets.

Pompliano’s Off The Chain newsletter has a sister podcast that uses the same name and publishes frequently. Check out the best crypto and blockchain podcasts you can listen to right now!

2. Unbankd

unbankd crypto newsletter

Like many of the best cryptocurrency newsletters, Unbankd focuses on the wider picture. That means the daily newsletter brings you an exciting roundup of news, investment information, token economy tidbits, chart analysis, new products and services, and much more.

Unbanked has a fairly strong focus on investment. But it isn’t overwhelming, breaking down the information into easily digestible segments. You will find something relevant to your crypto interests with each edition.

Unbanked also offers a premium newsletter. The Pro Plan focuses heavily on investment strategy, and market updates, with exclusive research and polls. It’ll set you back $10 per month.

3. Chain Letter

Chain Letter is MIT’s cryptocurrency and blockchain newsletter, which publishes every Thursday. 

Chain Letter is great because it has a different crypto and blockchain focus between each week, fitting within a theme. Each Chain Letter usually covers the latest news and other crypto happenings. Some editions cover a key concept or technology in the world of blockchain, while the Loose Change roundup makes sure you don’t miss any other stories from the previous week.

The combination gives you an excellent insight into all corners of the cryptocurrency world. 

4. The Block’s Daily Brief

The Block is a well known and respected cryptocurrency and blockchain news outlet. The main website covers a range of crypto news and views, and The Block’s newsletter does a decent job summarizing the most popular and interesting recent articles. In that, The Block’s Daily Brief will keep you up to date with a wide range of cryptocurrency news.

Daily Brief doesn’t deliver market data or trading information. Instead, it provides an overview of the entire crypto world. 

5. CoinSnacks

coinsnacks crypto newsletter

CoinSnacks is a weekly cryptocurrency investment newsletter. CoinSnacks is a great read because of its weekly distribution. The newsletter doesn’t have to find an angle for the evening’s publication and can instead take a few days to understand how market movements affect the entire crypto market. 

CoinSnacks also provides exclusive content for subscribers, not just recycling news articles or otherwise. The newsletter is well researched and provides a handy insight into the world of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and investment. Expect to find sections including Must Read, Deep Dive, Sponsored, Regulatory Front, Chart of the Week, Other Articles You May Enjoy, and more.

CoinSnacks arrives weekly but doesn’t have a specific delivery day. So, keep your eyes peeled. You can also take a wander through the CoinSnacks newsletter archives, too.

6. Token Economy Weekly

Token Economy Weekly brings you “opinionated thoughts on the most interest products and ideas in cryptocurrencies, blockchains, dapps, DAOs, & the growing token economy.” Whew! Everything you could want to know about, all in a single cryptocurrency and blockchain newsletter.

In that, you can expect sections including Headlines, Thoughts, News, Cool New Projects, New Funds, Regulations, and even the occasional giveaway. 

Token Economy Weekly is curated by Stefano Bernardi and Yannick Roux and appears in your inbox every Sunday (sometimes Monday).

7. Decentrader

The Decentrader newsletter is the work of crypto Twitter trader and analyst, @filbfilb. Each week a cryptocurrency newsletter with a strong focus on investment and charting arrives in your inbox, curated by FilbFilb. 

The focus of each Decentrader newsletter varies. However, you can be sure to find charts featuring Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies. As with all cryptocurrency trading advice, FilbFilb points out that these are simply ideas, and ideas do not constitute investment advice. 

FilbFilb also features in our list of the best cryptocurrency trading accounts to follow on Twitter

8. Decrypt Daily Debrief

decrypt daily debrief

Decrypt delivers daily cryptocurrency news straight to your inbox. The Decrypt Daily Debrief summarizes the main headlines from Decrypt, streamlining the information into handy headers. For instance, you’ll find headers such as “What you need to know” and “Why it’s important” to help you scan through the information you want.

Decrypt is a very popular cryptocurrency news and views site. You can rest assured that the Daily Debrief newsletter continues that high standard, bringing the news to you directly.

Decrypt run a second newsletter, too. The Startup 3.0 newsletter brings a more technical and entrepreneurial focus to your inbox. Unlike the Daily Debrief, the Startup 3.0 newsletter is delivered every Monday. It features different content to the Daily Debrief and has less of a focus on news updates. 

9. CoinMarketCap

Did you know that CoinMarketCap also produces a daily newsletter? Well, you do now!

As you might expect from one of the crypto world’s largest market ranking sites, the CoinMarketCap newsletter brings market analysis straight to your inbox. CoinMarketCap’s newsletter covers the top crypto news for the day, technical analysis for both major and minor cryptocurrencies, and interactive daily polling to make sure readers receive relevant content.

10. Blocks Decoded Newsletter

blocks decoded newsletter

I couldn’t resist a plug for our newsletter, which arrives in your inbox once a week. It summarizes the most recent Blocks Decoded articles, making sure you don’t miss the awesome content published each and every week.

What Is the Best Crypto Newsletter?

For me, there is no best cryptocurrency newsletter. You have to find one that suits the information you want to read. The trick is signing up to several crypto and blockchain newsletters and figuring out which ones you read consistently. 

A mixture of investment, news, services, and tokens seems like the best combination. 

If you don’t have time to read lots of crypto newsletters, why not try a podcast instead? Check out the best crypto, blockchain, and Bitcoin podcasts you can list to right now.

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