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5 Crypto Board Games You Should Try Right Now

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I really like board games. I also really like cryptocurrencies, and blockchain tech, too. What better way to marry the two than with cryptocurrency board games? There are a handful of blockchain board games that you can grab right now to bring cryptocurrencies to the entire family!

1. Cryptocurrency (2018)

2-4 Players | 45-60 minutes

Cryptocurrency places in you in the role of CEO of a budding fintech startup. You lead a team of cryptocurrency experts evaluating, trading, and mining new cryptos. The catch is—just like real life—that some cryptocurrencies are scams. Your job is to weave a way through the scams and false information and manipulate the news and market to affect your opponent’s investments.

Can you design the “ultimate scam” and make your competitors invest?

What’s nice about Cryptocurrency is the multiple paths to victory. There are several different routes you can take to win the game, plus your ability to keep a straight face helps, too. The game can also change with a clutch expert hiring, too, changing your ability and output. In that, Cryptocurrency offers a surprisingly strategic cryptocurrency-based board game that introduces some useful crypto and mining concepts along the way.

Cryptocurrency - Kickstarter - Board Game Review

2. Bitcoin Empire (2017)

2-4 Players | 15-20 minutes per round

Bitcoin Empire was one of the first cryptocurrency games to launch and gain a small following. In fact, the tagline is “the first-ever Bitcoin-themed card game.”

You’re attempting to grab as many Bitcoin cards during your round. There are eight-character cards which each have different power points. For instance, one character has bonus points for Marketing, while another has bonus points for Law. There are also skills that relate to your character, either boosting your characters base level power point or for use against an opponent.

There are some super-powered cards, too. For instance, the Satoshi Nakamoto increases the power point level in each basic category.

Bitcoin Empire is decent, quick, and very lightweight. You can easily play Bitcoin Empire without any prior knowledge of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Check out the following review from The Dice Tower for a look at how Bitcoin Empire works.

Bitcoin Empire review - with Tim Jennette

3. Bitcoin Empire: To The Moon (2018)

2-4 Players | 15-20 minutes per round

Bitcoin Empire developer, David Thomas, returned to cryptocurrency card game development in February 2018. Bitcoin Empire: To The Moon is the successor to the first entry.

To The Moon follows a similar type of gameplay, albeit with some tweaks that spice things up a little. The choice of eight characters returns, as do the familiar lawsuits, smear campaigns, and hack skill cards you can use to tilt the game in your favor.

The biggest difference is the change in the turn phases. To The Moon introduces a “Mining Phase” where your existing Exchanges can store more Bitcoin per turn. Plus, another massive change is the end game. Instead of just finishing up when the Bitcoin supply runs dry, you can continue playing “To The Moon.”

How To Play Bitcoin Empire in 10 Minutes

4. Crypto When Lambo (2019) [Broken Link Removed]

2-4 Players | 60-90 minutes

crypto when lambo board game

The newest cryptocurrency game on the list is also one of the most strategic. Crypto When Lambo “was inspired by crypto fortunes were made and lost overnight.” When the cryptocurrency markets were exploding at the end of 2017, a popular phrase (read: meme) was to ask, “When Lambo,” meaning, “When will we buy Lamborghinis?”  

The game takes place across eight cities. Spread across the cities are 64 resource production tiles. You begin the game with three offices, two crypto company shares (worth two million coins), and five million in game currency. Your goal is to increase your companies employees, build the perfect management team, develop your cryptocurrency project, release it as an ICO, and ultimately, list it on a cryptocurrency exchange.

Crypto When Lambo is the most strategic crypto board game currently available. It introduces some interesting crypto terms, such as taking an ICO to market. It also illustrates why the ICO hype train during the latter stages of 2017 and most of 2018 was damaging for the image of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

5. Cryptocoinopoly (2017)

2-8 Players | 45-90 minutes

cryptocoinopoly board game

Cryptocoinopoly is the cryptocurrency take on Monopoly. Using the same board style, developer, ned0flanders, swaps out Pennsylvania Avenue for Ethereum, Boardwalk for Bitcoin, and Connecticut Avenue for EOS. (Check out our EOS Coin Study to learn more!)

The rules of Cryptocoinopoly remain the same. Land on a crypto or exchange, buy it, and drive your competitors to bankruptcy in the process. However, instead of houses and hotels, you place mining rigs and mining farms to increase your revenue.

All the Chance and Community Chest cards are different, too. For instance, one Community Chest card reads “John McAfee tweets in favor of a crypto you own. Collect $200.” An alternative Chance card reads “Make general repairs on all your mining equipment: For each Rig pay $25, For each Farm pay $100.” Familiar cards, but with a crypto twist.

Cryptocoinopoly sounds like a fun cryptocurrency take on the ever-popular family game. The only downside to Cryptocoinopoly is that you must print the game yourself. The linked GitHub contains the board design, crypto and exchange cards, and everything else to get going. But you will need to find suitable tokens to move around the board, plus a dice.

What Are the Best Cryptocurrency Board Games?

At the time of writing, these are the best cryptocurrency board games. There aren’t many to come to market. But it isn’t for want of trying. Kickstarter has a list of ten or so cryptocurrency board game projects that haven’t caught the eye of enough backers. Ultimately, cryptocurrency board games remain niche, even amongst cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Board games not your cup of tea? Why not try the best blockchain games that let you earn cryptocurrency for playing!

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