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The 5 Best Crypto Credit Cards in 2019

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Crypto credit cards can play a vital role in driving increased public adoption. They allow people to pay directly with crypto in stores and online, and thus become more familiar with the technology.

Other benefits of crypto credit cards include low conversion fees if you’re in a foreign country and the removal of a reliance on traditional banks for access to cash.

If you’d like a crypto credit card, keep reading. These are the best crypto credit cards.

1. TenX

TenX is arguably the most popular crypto credit card. It raised $80 million in its 2017 ICO.

Sadly, the availability is limited. To sign up for TenX, you need to be a resident of Singapore, Australia, or New Zealand. Further expansion into additional Asian markets is imminent, according to the company.

The card itself will work in any store anywhere in the world that accepts Visa—with one massive caveat. The TenX card will not work in the United States.

The card costs $15 to order and has a $10 annual fee if you spend less than $1,000 in 12 months. There’s also a $2.50 fee for every ATM transaction.

TenX allows you to make payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Again, support for additional coins is imminent.

The card relies on the TenX (PAY token) for its payment platform. TenX is the largest of the crypto card payment platforms by market cap.

2. Nexo

Nexo - The World's First Instant Crypto Credit Lines™

Nexo made a name for itself as the first company to offer an instant, crypto-backed loans platform. It allows you to access your crypto’s value without selling the assets.

Nexo lets you take out a credit line in more than 45 fiat currencies. The credit is underwritten with your crypto assets; the amount of credit you can use out is proportional to the amount of crypto in your Nexo wallet. As the value of the crypto changes, so too does the amount of credit you can take out. Nexo wallets are backed by Goldman Sachs and are SEO-approved.

There is no application, credit checks, or review process. All applications are guaranteed to be successful.

You also won’t find any minimum repayments; Nexo will automatically debit interest from your available balance.

Nexo accepts 21 different cryptocurrencies in its wallets. They include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS, Cardano, Stellar, Bitcoin Cash, NEO, and Ripple.

APR on your purchases starts at 5.9 percent.

If you want 30 percent dividends, access to the Nexo payments card, and require bank withdrawals up to $2 million, you will need to work from an advanced verification process.

3. Monaco

Monaco offers five different Visa cards. The entry-level card is free and does not require you to deposit any of the company’s own Monaco tokens. Four other options are available for 50, 500, 5,000, and 50,000 MCO.

The MCO tokens are released back to you if you cancel your card in the future.

The Monaco crypto credit cards offer some excellent perks for users. Those perks include 100 percent cash back on your Netflix and Spotify subscriptions, cashback of up to five percent, and—depending on which card you have—up to 10 percent cash back on Expedia and Airbnb purchases.

The high-end cards also offer higher monthly free ATM withdrawal limits and more competitive exchange rates.

Like Nexo, the size of your credit line is determined by the amount of crypto you deposit in the app. As a rough guide, $10,000 of MCO token is enough for a loan of around $6,000. $10,000 Bitcoin will give you a loan of about $4,000. There are no credit checks.

Currently, Monaco credit cards are not available in the United States.

4. Token

Token is one to watch in the coming months; the developers hope that the project will go live later this year. At the start, it will only be available to users in the United Kingdom and the European Union.

Like TenX, Token will allow users to spend fiat currencies (GBP and EUR) in stores and online. It will debit the spending from their crypto balances.

Token supports Ethereum and other ERC-20 coins. To use the card, you will need to send your crypto to the company’s fully decentralized, ERC-20-compliant smart contract wallet. Token has no access to the funds in your wallet.

Token cards will work in any business that accepts Visa payments.

One of Token’s unique features is payment splitting; you will be able to divide the cost of an in-store purchase across several of your crypto holdings by using the associated app.

There is currently no official word regarding sign up and usage fees.

5. Bankera

We leave you with Bankera. The service is billed as a bank for the blockchain era. In addition to crypto credit cards, the company will offer a wide spectrum of financial services, including AI investment tools and a currency exchange.

The crypto credit card is expected to go live later this year. The company raised $150 million in its ICO in 2018.

As with the other crypto credit cards on this list, your crypto provides the backing for the fiat loan. All the credits on offer will have competitive loan to value ratios.

There is still no word about supported coins or currencies.

Learn More About Spending Crypto

Crypto credit cards are just one way you can spend your crypto tokens in “real life.”

To learn more, check out our list of things you can buy with crypto and our list of companies that accept crypto payments.

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  1. Does anyone know the list of countries where Monero’s app ( is available?

    1. Hi Dieter. is the homepage for Monaco, rather than Monero. The mobile app can be used in most North American, European, and Asian countries, though you will have to download and find out in your local area as I cannot find an exhaustive list. For instance, Singapore was unable to use the wallet, but that status may have changed.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Good work Dan! I would love to see an updated list of crypto cards in 2020. has a big list and it seems there are new cards coming out everyday, but each cater to a certain currency or region of the world

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