The 7 Best Blockchain Games to Earn Cryptocurrency

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You don’t necessarily need to spend thousands of dollars on an expensive mining rig if you want to earn cryptocurrency.

If you’d like to save money and have some fun while you’re at it, why not start playing one of these games? They’ll let you earn cryptocurrency for taking part.

1. Huntercoin


Available on: Windows

If you’re a gamer, you’ll be familiar with MMORPG games. MMORPG stands for “massively multiplayer online role-playing game”. The gameplay typically sees lots of players participate in the same world, at the same time.

Cryptocurrencies have given rise to a new breed of MMORPG titles, creatively called MMOCG (massively multiplayer online crypto-coin game). One of the first titles to become successful in this new genre is Huntercoin.

The top-down 2D game has two simple objectives for players: 1) collect coins and take them to a bank and 2) kill other hunters. All actions cost a small amount of crypto to perform. If you kill a player, their coins are released back into the map for other users to fight over.

2. Splinterlands


Available on: Web

Splinterlands is a collectible card game. All card ownership information and game result data is stored on the Steem blockchain.

As is typical for card collecting games, the main focus of the gameplay revolves around battles. Winners of low-level tournaments can expect to earn experience points and booster decks. Higher-level tournament winners will be paid in Steem, Steem dollars, and rare cards.

Steem itself is a well-established crypto token. On occasion, it has been a top 20 coin by market cap. Today, it’s a top 60 coin. One Steem token is worth approximately $0.20. Its all-time high is $7.31.

You’ll also find a marketplace. You can buy, sell, and trade cards with other players using the in-house crypto token, Dark Energy Crystals.

To learn more about Steem, check out our explanation of Steem and Steemit.

3. Storm

Storm Play – Earn Free Bitcoin, Ethereum and Storm

Available on: Android, iOS

Storm is a gamified microtask platform. You can use it to earn Bitcoin, Ether, and Storm.

Bitcoin and Ether are obviously well-known cryptocurrencies. Storm is a top 400 coin with a market cap of almost $8 million.

The tasks themselves are highly varied. They cover everything from playing a game to taking a survey and from watching a video to downloading an app. As you complete the tasks, you will earn “Bolts.” The Bolts can they be converted into one of the three aforementioned cryptocurrencies.

4. Worldopo


Available on: Android, iOS

Worldopo is a world-building simulation. It’s one of the few crypto games that’s at the cutting edge of technology; it combines augmented reality and virtual reality with blockchain and “Directed Acyclic Graph” (DAG) technology.

The game uses data from Google Maps and Open Street Maps to allow players to buy real streets in real cities around the world.

Best described as Pokémon Go-meets-Monopoly, users can attack buildings, cooperate with other users, and help to direct the world’s economy.

Worldopo also has in-game mining farms. They let users earn Bitcoin, Ether, and Worldopo’s own WPT token.

If you prefer a more traditional board game, check out these five crypto board games you can try right now.

5. Sweatcoin


Available on: Android, iOS

It’s not easy to motivate yourself do to exercise. Cold weather, dark mornings, and warm beds all conspire to make our guts slowly creep up in size.

But what if you got paid for it? Would that help to inspire you?

That’s exactly what Sweatcoin offers; just download the smartphone app and keep it running at all times. The app will monitor your steps. For every 1,000 steps you take, you’ll earn roughly one Sweatcoin (SWC).

You cannot trade Sweatcoin on any exchanges; there’s no blockchain. You can, however, redeem your coins for things such as video streaming subscriptions, airline miles, ebooks, and even iPhones.

6. Privateers.Life: The Island

Ранняя визуальная демка The Island

Available on: Web

Everyone loves a pirate-themed game, so it’s no surprise to see one that uses blockchain technology pop up. The game takes place in the 17th century at the height of the pirate age.

During gameplay, you need to keep your character fed, watered, and healthy while you complete a diverse array of tasks and challenges.

However, Privateers.Life offers an interesting twist on a regular game. No goods can just “appear”; you need to mine, harvest, and build them—and that’s where crypto plays a role. If you play a part in the manufacturing process, you can sell your creations for Ludum (LDM).

Ludum is the in-game currency. You can use it to buy items and services. The only two exchanges we found where you can trade Ludum in the real-world were EtherDelta and YoBit.

7. Alien Run


Available on: Android, iOS

If you enjoy classic arcade games, Alien Run is definitely worth checking out. The gameplay is simple but addictive: You take the role of an alien who needs to jump, dodge, and run its way to safety, all while avoiding the objects heading your way.

As you progress through the levels, your alien will power up and learn new skills. More importantly, you’ll also be able to claim rewards for each completed level. The difficulty of the levels progresses over time, but so too does the amount of Bitcoin reward on offer.

Remember, there are other ways to earn Bitcoin without gaming. We’ve covered how to earn Bitcoin on Android if you’d like to learn more.

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  1. Hey Dan,

    nice summary!
    You might want to add one more game to the list:
    It is a bomberman-inspired game joining players from 8 different blockchains on a single multiplayer battlefield. Players can stake their favorite currency or play for free with the ghost mode. You gain money through killing other players or by participating at tournaments and other events. There’s one coming up by the way.


    1. ty for this post. Good to know that crypto is gaining ground in the gaming industry.
      I also found a project in progress (dont know the release date):

  2. I really love splinterlands which now runs solely on the HIVE blockchain.

  3. Useful Information sir..

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