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The 7 Best Crypto Wallets for Android

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Finding the best Bitcoin wallet for Android is tricky. There are loads of Android crypto wallets out there, but how do you decide between them? 

You’re looking for the perfect Android crypto wallet blend of security and functionality. Support for Bitcoin is obvious, but you also want support for altcoins, too.

Don’t search any longer. Here are seven of the best crypto wallets for Android.

1. Coinomi

Setting up your wallets

Coinomi is an extremely popular cryptocurrency wallet available for Android. It has millions of users across its mobile and desktop apps, and constantly ranks amongst the best Android crypto wallets. 

The Coinomi wallet comes with an extensive range of features. It supports Bitcoin and a wide range of the most popular altcoins, supporting over 125 different blockchains and hundreds of individual cryptocurrencies. 

Coinomi also has integrated exchange partners, such as Shapeshift and Changelly, to help you swap your cryptocurrencies within the app (or desktop client). It also supports Seg-Wit wallets, cold staking, and offers custom miners’ fee allocations. 

Download: Coinomi for Android (Free)

2. BRD Wallet

BRD Wallet maintains a strong reputation as one of the best Bitcoin wallets for Android, now boasting over 2 million users. You can use BRD Wallet to purchase Bitcoin using your credit or debit card, as well as other cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and over 100 ERC-20 tokens. 

BRD Wallet has a focus on privacy, too. You have complete control over your private keys, meaning you have ultimate control over the cryptocurrency you store in the wallet. There are decent security options, including 2FA, fingerprint scanning, and individual user PINs. 

The BRD Wallet developers want their wallet to help newcomers to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies make sense of wallets, buying and selling, and securely storing their tokens. You’ll find the BRD Wallet easy to use, with a simplistic user interface you can learn quickly. 

Download: BRD Wallet for Android (Free)

3. Unstoppable

Unstoppable - Bitcoin Wallet Walkthrough

Unstoppable is an Android wallet with built-in privacy features and one that gives you direct control over your private keys. In the world of crypto, these are incredibly important features. Unstoppable is growing in popularity, offering a combination of handy functions and an easy to use interface.

Unstoppable wallet’s privacy comes from its design. It works as a peer-to-peer client, connecting users directly and facilitating trades and payments, rather than relying on a middleman. The app’s code is entirely open source, with the only centralized feature being the third-party data that provides live crypto exchange rates.

At the time of writing, Unstoppable supports more than 50 coins, including Bitcoin, ERC-20 tokens, Dai, Maker, and with many more set to arrive.

If you want to learn more about Unstoppable wallet, check out our hands-on Unstoppable wallet review.

Download: Unstoppable Wallet for Android (Free)

4. Mycelium

Mycelium is an excellent Bitcoin wallet for Android, full of handy features for beginners and experts alike. The Mycelium interface is a little quirky and is certainly different from other Android Bitcoin wallet options like BRD Wallet. However, once you get to grips with the sliding menus, Mycelium is easy to navigate.

Mycelium has a bright future, with numerous upgrades and tools on the horizon. For instance, the next few Mycelium updates will introduce integrated blockchain fiat accounts, linked debit cards for faster payments, a tool for handling personal finance payments (paying bills and invoices), and investment advice relating to portfolio development. 

Mycelium already features an extensive news section, too. You’ll find a wide variety of articles covering Bitcoin topics, as well as tips on how to extract the most value from the Mycelium wallet.

Download: Mycelium for Android (Free)

5. Jaxx

Jaxx Academy | What is a Block Explorer?

Jaxx is another Android crypto wallet that comes with a strong reputation, maintaining a 4.5+ rating on the Google Play app store. 

You can manage over 80 different tokens and cryptocurrencies using Jaxx, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and host of ERC-20 tokens. 

Jaxx comes with a heap of extra features, too. For example, Jaxx has an in-app crypto exchange, supported by Shapeshift. You can exchange your cryptocurrencies almost instantaneously, keeping everything within your Jaxx wallet. There are live cryptocurrency exchange price updates, plus a dedicated news section that aggregates important and breaking Bitcoin news from around the web. 

One handy Jaxx feature is the integrated blockchain explorer. You can explore and track transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain and others, helping you to keep track of where your funds are.

Download: Jaxx for Android (Free)

6. Green

Green Address Bitcoin Wallet - Segwit, RBF, 2FA, Multisig and More

Green offers a more basic approach to Bitcoin wallets for Android, supporting just Bitcoin. That’s no bad thing, mind, as the Green wallet offers an excellent array of security features and a user-friendly interface. 

The Green wallet gives you a 24-word seed, which gives your wallet private encryption keys 256-bits of strength—basically unbreakable! Furthermore, Green also implements 2FA, has multi-signature support, and never stores or takes control of your private keys. You’re always in control of your crypto when you use Green wallet. Another interesting security feature is Watch Mode. You can check your balance or receive funds without unlocking your wallet, handy for quick transactions on the go.

Green also gives you complete control over your network transaction fees. Want a fast transaction? Ramp those fees up. Have all the time in the world? Pay as little network transaction fee as possible.

Download: Green for Android (Free)

7. Exodus

Exodus Wallet for Android and iOS

The Exodus Android app is definitely one of the most sublime looking Bitcoin wallets around. In that, the Android app picks up where the equally eye-catching desktop app leaves off, keeping that trademark style throughout the Android app.

You can use Exodus to manage your Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and over 55 other cryptocurrency assets, all within the app. In addition, Exodus does not touch your wallet private keys, instead encrypting them on your device and helping you manage them. Also, you never have to sign-up for an Exodus account, protecting your privacy. Your wallets and your details remain secure within your device at all times.

That extends to the integrated cryptocurrency exchange, too. You can swap and trade your cryptocurrency within the Exodus app without creating an account.

Download: Exodus for Android (Free)

Secure Your Android Device Before Using Crypto

There are a few important security steps you need to take before using a Bitcoin wallet on your Android device. Well, they’re not all steps. But you definitely need to know about these security issues.

  1. Root. You shouldn’t use an Android wallet on a rooted device. A rooted device is potentially more vulnerable to attack. With root access, an attacker could clear out your crypto wallets.
  2. Updates. Keep your Android device up to date. When updates arrive, install them. Device updates fix bugs and vulnerabilities, keeping your device and crypto wallets safe from attack.
  3. 2FA. Use a proper two-factor authentication app with your Bitcoin wallet. Here are the best 2FA apps you can use with almost any Bitcoin and crypto wallet.
  4. Lock. Some Bitcoin wallets won’t work properly without a proper locking mechanism in place on your device. Make sure you have a secure PIN or passcode in place. You can also use a biometric lock in combination with other security features.
  5. Storage. It is tempting to keep your Bitcoin and other cryptos safe, on your person, in your device. However, keeping a large amount of Bitcoin on your Android device isn’t a good idea, for a number of reasons. If you have a large amount of Bitcoin, keep it safe with a secure, offline cold wallet. 

What’s the Best Android Bitcoin Wallet?

There is no definitive “best” Bitcoin wallet for Android. There are several excellent Bitcoin Android wallets that consistently compete to become the best. So, what does that mean for consumers? It’s great news: multiple Bitcoin wallets for Android competing means a lively marketplace with innovation, new features, and a strong onus on functionality and security.

On that point, security is incredibly important. If you want to learn how to boost your security, check out the best ways to secure your crypto wallet private keys

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