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9 Crypto Wallets for iOS You Need to Try

iOS wallet
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When considering a crypto wallet for iOS, you want to explore the best available options. Nothing is more important than protecting your investment, so it’s crucial to learn what different wallets offer.

To help you make that decision, here are the best mobile crypto wallets for iOS right now.

1. Abra

For anyone wanting to limit the number of apps on their phone, Abra offers a two-in-one software package. Not only does it serve as a free software wallet for iOS, but it’s also a crypto exchange platform. To get started, simply deposit funds to your wallet via American Express, Visa, Mastercard, your bank, or another cryptocurrency.

If using it strictly as a wallet, it holds (but isn’t limited to) Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash. For those looking to invest, you can quickly exchange to any other available cryptocurrencies almost immediately. Just remember that as with other exchange platform apps, the design lends itself more towards its trading platform.

Download: Abra for iOS (Free)

2. Edge

How To Use A Cryptocurrency Wallet - Edge Secure

Longtime wallet users might remember the Airbitz wallet, but the company has rebranded to Edge. If you’re more concerned about beginner-friendly options, Edge offers a lot as a wallet. It touts its security foremost with the use of open-source code to ensure privacy and protection.

Only you can access your data and money, so you don’t have to worry about Edge or anyone else accessing it. On top of the security, it provides an easy to use interface to make managing your wallet easy. Plus, it supports many of the popular coins including Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum, Stellar, Bitcoin, Monero, Digibyte, EOS, and Ripple/XRP.

Download: Edge for iOS (Free)

3. Bread (BRD)

How to Get Started with Cryptocurrency!

Like Edge, Bread (BRD) offers a minimalist and functional wallet. You simply send and receive your respective currency via it. You can also purchase currency BTC and ETH directly in the app and get it added to your wallet.

Bread’s service is very secure and well-received amongst iOS users, so it’s a great starter wallet. If that isn’t enough, it offers a loyalty program titled BRD Rewards. As a BRD token holder, you’ll receive 50% savings on all your in-app crypto trading fees.

Download: BRD for iOS (Free)

4. DropBit

DropBit Lightning Is Here

In line with other simpler wallets, DropBit offers solid security. Lose your wallet? Just input twelve words to recover your wallet.

As a self-described Venmo for Bitcoin, DropBit also features some social functions. You can easily send Bitcoin to your friends via their Twitter handle or mobile phone number. The best thing is they don’t even need a Bitcoin wallet themselves.

You also can view a social media-like feed to keep you up to date on other transactions.

Download: DropBit for iOS (Free)

5. Green

How To Use A Bitcoin Wallet: Blockstream Green

If security is your focus, Green (or GreenAddress) offers a variety of security advantages against other wallets. Green Wallet utilizes dual-key security with one of the keys protected by two-factor authentication methods such as SMS, Google Authenticator, and email. There’s also a two-factor authentication for large payments.

Do you have a Ledger Nano X? You can sync to your hardware Green wallet by using Bluetooth.

For those looking for anonymity, you can complete Green’s sign-up without registering and begin trading right away. The smart fee estimation also makes it easier to avoid any extra fees and spur added trades.

Download: Green for iOS (Free)

6. Coinomi

Setting up your wallets

If you want a multichain wallet, Coinomi has you covered. While Coinomi features support for favorites such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, it also still supports more than 1,770 tokens and altcoins. You’ll keep your funds secured with private keys, strong wallet encryption, and cryptography.

For those wanting to stay anonymous, there’s no KYC bureaucracy, transaction tracking, identity linking, nor IP association with Coinomi. In addition to strong support and privacy, there’s a ton of details for those wanting a more advanced wallet. Coinomi offers one-time back-up, multi-seed support, dynamic fees, UXTO control, and even cold staking.

Coinomi also functions as one of the best crypto wallets for Android for those looking to go cross-platform.

Download: Coinomi for iOS (Free)

7. Jaxx Liberty

Jaxx Liberty mobile wallet setup

Looking to track? Jaxx Liberty provides not only a wallet but an app with access to your blockchain exchange and portfolio. You can also stay up to date with the latest crypto news and market data.

In terms of wallet security, you have the standard twelve-word backup phrase. Jaxx Liberty also keeps you in control of all your keys since it’s a non-custodial wallet. It also encrypts water data with bank-grade encryption.

Download: Jaxx Liberty for iOS (Free)

8. Blockchain

How to keep your cryptocurrency safe with the Blockchain Wallet

Blockchain Wallet provides one of the most popular wallet entries on the list with over forty-three million wallets in 140 countries. Blockchain currently supports Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Stellar (XLM), USD PAX (PAX), and Ethereum. If you’re looking to go international, the wallet supports twenty-one languages.

Blockchain’s wallet like others on the list is non-custodial. It also supports two-factor authentication and recovery with a twelve word back-up phrase. It, however, also allows you to set a 4-digit pin or biometrically authenticate.

Download: Blockchain for iOS (Free)

9. BitPay

BitPay: Building a Future of Bitcoin Payments

If you’re looking for another wallet with a good balance of accessibility as well as security, try BitPay. It’s relatively simple, and it supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and tokens as well. It allows for multiple wallet creations, and you can also manage your BitPay Visa Card.

In terms of security, all of the private keys are store locally on your device. There’s also multi-signature security as well as wallet back-ups. Plus, there are email notifications and push notifications for transfers and payments.

Download: BitPay for iOS (Free)

Picking the Best Mobile Crypto Wallet for iOS

It can be difficult to choose amongst the many different iOS wallets. With endless cryptocurrency and blockchains, software wallets follow different design philosophies and security protocols. While it might seem overwhelming, trying some of the best-rated apps removes some uncertainty.

If you’re still looking for another iOS option, you might try the decentralized crypto wallet app, UNSTOPPABLE. If you need to avoid hot wallets, try the best cold wallets. Whatever your need, there’s an iOS wallet for your experience level.

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