Blocks Decoded Podcast Episode 2: SEC Trading Freezes, More Craig Wright, & Jaguar IOTA Partnerships

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Welcome to the second Blocks Decoded Podcast!

Each fortnight, the Blocks Decoded Podcast will bring you vital news from the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain, broken down into an easily digestible blocksize. Furthermore, the team will break down handy cryptocurrency tips, the best and most exciting blockchain innovations, and help you better understand the world of cryptocurrency.

Listen to hear about:

Blocks Decoded editors Gavin Phillips (@GavinSpavin), Joe Coburn (@butteryvideo), and Dan Price (@danpricetech) are joined by regular contributor, James Frew (@jimjamfrew). If you want to hear us talk about something specific, or you have ideas for future Blocks Decoded Podcast episodes, drop us a line via email or on Twitter.

Blocks Decoded has also launched its first cryptocurrency app: CoinWave. You can find out more about the CoinWave price tracking app right here!

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Gavin Phillips
Gavin has been investing in Bitcoin on and off since 2010, and writing about it for past few years. He has contributed crypto and blockchain-focused for several publications and even the odd ICO whitepaper. Gavin loves the focus of real-world applications of blockchain technology and how it can help ethical consumerism.

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