Top 10 Telegram Channels for Crypto News, Investing, and Trading Tips

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Instant messaging app Telegram is one of the most popular ways that people receive crypto news, updates, market information, and investment tips.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of terrible crypto Telegram channels, full of spam, inane chatter, and payment requests for “pro” tips.

But dig deep enought, and there are several crypto Telegram channels worth subscribing to. Here are some of the best we’ve found.

1. UK Crypto

crypto telegram group

UK Crypto offers a mix of educational content, market insight, and the latest news.

The channel is especially worthwhile for anyone who wants to learn how to perform technical (chart-based) and fundamental (intrinsic value-based) analysis of the various cryptocurrencies.

The channel has around 2,000 members.

2. WhaleClub Traders

As the name suggests, WhaleClub Traders is focused on the trading and investment aspect of the crypto space.

The channel only focuses on the top five coins by market capitalization. Naturally, that line is a bit blurred as tokens rise and fall in value, but don’t expect to find people writing a detailed analysis of obscure altcoins.

The Telegram channel forms part of a broader offering that includes recorded interviews and live Google Hangouts.

WhaleClub Traders has more than 25,000 members.

3. Crypto News

crypto telegram

Crypto News only has 300 participants, but smaller doesn’t necessarily mean worse when it comes to Telegram channels. Some of the biggest channels with tens of thousands of members are difficult to keep up with due to the sheer volume of messages.

This group is a top crypto news Telegram channel. It provides a live feed of the most significant crypto news stories of the day, and users discuss what it means for the sector.

Note: Check out these best cryptocurrency news sites if you’d rather get your fix through more traditional means.

4. Cointelegraph

At the other end of the scale is Cointelegraph. It is an official channel from the team behind the Cointelegraph website and has 65,000 members.

Yes, the messages might be hard to keep up with. But there are a few advantages of being part of massive channels: You can be sure there will always be people online to chat with, and you can be more confident that every piece of remotely relevant information will be brought up and analyzed.

Content in Cointelegraph’s channel includes the latest news, investigative research, and market data.

5. Trading Signals for Free

crypto telegram

When something happens in the markets that appears to represent a good time to buy (or sell) an asset, it is called a trading signal.

There are a countless number of possible signals. It could be that a particular resistance has been broken, that there’s a high amount of trading volume on a specific coin, or even an emerging chart pattern.

A lot of Telegram channels claim to provide such signals. However, on closer inspection, many of them are pump-and-dump schemes. The owners of the channel coerce people into investing in a coin they own so the price rises, only to sell their holding at the peak.

However, some channels are more legitimate. We like Trading Signals for Free; it’s one of the best trading Telegram channels. We’ve never noticed any signs of pump and dump schemes. As always, do your own research before committing any money to a tip.

6. CoinMarketCap

CoinMarketCap is one of the best websites for checking a coin’s price, volume, market cap, and chart history.

This unofficial channel is a bot. It will let you know the price of the top 10 coins, send notifications about price changes on the coins you care about, issue updates on the total market cap, and provide seven-day price histories.

7. AirdropAlert

airdrop alert

When a new cryptocurrency goes live, developers often distribute tokens for free to a high number of existing wallet addresses. The process is called an “airdrop.”

Airdrops help a new coin gain traction among the community. They also help the coin get some user buy-in. The logic is that a person is more likely to care about the project if they have a stake in it.

You can find plenty of sites that publish lists of upcoming airdrops. However, if you prefer to operate through Telegram, join the AirdropAlert channel.

The website of the same name operates the channel. It has 120,000 members.

8. ICOCountdown

Another popular way of securing new tokens is to participate in an “initial coin offering” (ICO). It’s the crypto equivalent of an IPO.

In 2018, ICOs have become more popular than ever; more than 1,000 have taken place. They have raised in excess of $20 billion in funding.

If you want to keep on top of all the upcoming ICOs, we recommend joining ICOCountdown. It has 15,000 members.

Remember, performing your own due diligence is vital. Yes, ICOs are a great way of investing in a new project, but they are also a common attack vector for crypto scammers.

9. Venture Coinist

Luke Martin runs Venture Coinist. Luke’s specialty is technical analysis, and he’s one of the best crypto people to follow on Twitter.

If you enjoy dissecting charts to hunt down investment opportunities, you should subscribe. All altcoins enjoy coverage, but the discussion mainly revolves around the top 10 tokens.

You also find a decent amount of training material; Luke re-shares old charts and explains what to look out for so you can spot new opportunities for yourself.

10. Official Coins’ Telegram Groups

Finally, remember that many cryptocurrencies run their own official Telegram channels. A quick search on the appropriate coin’s website or subreddit will usually pull up the link to join.

Official channels are the best way to stay on top of a specific coin’s latest news and technical development.

In our opinion, they are better than official Twitter accounts; often you will find multiple developers in a channel rather than the PR-managed voice you get on Twitter.

For more ways to get involved with the crypto world, check out our list of the best crypto forums and communities on the web.

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