25 Crypto Twitter Accounts You Need to Follow Today

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Whether you’re new to the world of crypto or a seasoned Bitcoin professional, Twitter is one of the best ways to get involved.

The social network can help you grab the latest market analysis, keep you abreast of the news, learn about upcoming ICOs, or merely expand your crypto knowledge.

Here are some of the best cryptocurrency Twitter accounts to check out today.

1. Andreas Antonopoulos: @aantonop

Andreas Antonopoulos has been one of the world’s most well-known Bitcoin advocates for several years.

He hit the headlines in 2017 when the crypto community donated 100 Bitcoins to him (worth more than $1 million) in thanks for his work.

Andreas hosts a great podcast about the crypto sector, called Let’s Talk Bitcoin. He also has a YouTube channel that’s packed with content.

2. Luke Martin: @VentureCoinist

Luke Martin is one of Twitter’s foremost crypto traders. He specializes in technical analysis and regularly shares charts and commentary on his account.

For $50 per month, you can watch his live daily webinar. It’s very popular among regular traders.

Crypto Twitter is chock-full of would-be traders and otherwise. Check out our list of the best crypto Twitter trading accounts to follow right now.

3. Roger Ver: @rogerkver

Roger Ver is an early Bitcoin investor who is most well-known for creating Bitcoin Cash.

Ver is a divisive figure, especially after his role in the Bitcoin Cash “fork war” of late 2018. Nonetheless, more than 500,000 people agree that his Twitter feed is worth following.

4. CoinTelegraph: @Cointelegraph

CoinTelegraph is one of the best sources on the web for the latest crypto news from across the industry. The website covers all aspects of the crypto sector and also features a healthy dose of opinions and features.

5. Bloomberg Crypto: @crypto

Bloomberg Crypto is the owner of possibly the best blockchain-themed handle on all of Twitter.

The output is everything you’d expect from a Bloomberg channel—breaking news, market analysis, and experts’ opinions. The account occasionally publishes videos of in-studio commentary.

6. Philakone: @PhilakoneCrypto

Another popular trader, Philakone is committed to helping his fans enjoy the same level of success in the markets that he has achieved.

He provides detailed technical analysis and often broadcasts his live trades. He even occasionally does trading challenges which are always fun to follow.

7. Vitalik Buterin: @VitalikButerin

Vitalik Buterin is the creator of Ethereum. His account will please people who have an interest in the technical aspects of crypto technology. He regularly comments on the minutiae of blockchains and the latest developments in certain coins.

Unsurprisingly, it is one of the biggest crypto Twitter accounts. Buterin has nearly one million followers.

8. Charlie Lee: @SatoshiLite

Charlie Lee is the creator of Bitcoin’s other big rival—Litecoin. He’s known for his sharp tongue, but he also offers plenty of analysis and insight across all parts of the industry.

9. Laura Shin: @laurashin

Laura Shin made her name as the crypto expert for Forbes. While at Forbes, she launched the Unchained podcast. It became so successful that she left Forbes to concentrate on it full time.

Today, she hosts two podcasts, Unchained (covering new ideas in crypto) and Unconfirmed (interviews with the top minds in crypto).

10. Ran Neu-Ner: @cryptomanran

Ran Neu-Ner is the host of CNBC’s Crypto Trader show. He also founded Onchain Capital. The company offers crypto fund management services to private clients.

His position on CNBC means he regularly has the latest scoops and quotes from the biggest names and coins in crypto.

11. Samson Mow: @Excellion

Samson Mow is the Chief Security Officer of Blockstream, a leading provider of Bitcoin data and Bitcoin payment services.

Mow is known for his robust fundamental analysis of coins, thus offering an excellent counterweight to the technical guys like Luke Martin and Philakone.

12. Ari Paul: @AriDavidPaul

If you’re interested in the legal and regulatory side of crypto, give Ari Paul a follow. His Twitter feed is varied, but that’s his specialty.

Paul is also well-known for placing calls that the Bitcoin price would hit $50,000 on 28th December 2018. He bought the 275 calls for $3,600 each; they are now worth around $10 each. Ergo, you probably shouldn’t listen to his investment tips.

13. Joseph Young: @iamjosephyoung

Joseph Young is a prominent crypto journalist. He writes for several industry-leading publications, including Forbes.

In addition to cryptocurrencies, he also covers blockchain technology, fintech, and the wider finance industry.

14. Jihan Wu: @JihanWu

Jihan Wu is the first crypto mining specialist on our list. He founded Bitmain. It designs and builds application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) chips for bitcoin mining.

Given his knowledge, you can expect a regular commentary of the latest news and developments in the mining community. He occasionally gives insights on how to get started with crypto mining.

15. CoinDesk Markets: @CoinDeskMarkets

CoinDesk is a crypto news and analysis site. The site has a main Twitter feed, but we particularly like its dedicated markets account.

It offers a stream of charts and prices throughout the day, helping you to ensure that you never miss an investment opportunity. It’s a top crypto Twitter account.

16. Riccardo Spagni: @fluffypony

Ricardo Spagni is one of only two Monero developers who have revealed their true identity. As such, his Twitter account is one of the best ways to stay up-to-date with the leading privacy-focused coin.

We’ve covered Monero in a coin study if you would like to learn more.

17. Crypto de Medici: @cryptodemedici

Crypto isn’t all about technical details and financial charts. There’s always time for some jokes and memes.

One of the best sources of funny crypto content is Crypto de Medici. He has nearly 100,000 followers.

18. Nick Szabo: @NickSzabo4

Nick Szabo, a computer scientist, is a hugely famous name in crypto. Although he has repeatedly denied it, Szabo is one of the most likely candidates to be the mysterious Satoshi Yakamoto.

In 1998, he designed a theoretical decentralized currency called Bitgold. Experts have said it is a “direct precursor to Bitcoin.” In 2008, prior to the release of Bitcoin, he said on his blog that he planned to create a live version of the Bitgold idea.

19. Larry Cermak: @lawmaster

Larry is director of research at The Block. Known for his in-depth journalism and cutting industry analysis, he is a great guy to follow if you want to stay abreast of the latest issues in the sector. In our opinion, it is one of the best cryptocurrency Twitter accounts.

20. Mike Dudas: @mdudas

Another one of The Block’s guys that’s worth following is CEO, Mike Dudas.

As the leader of one of the foremost crypto websites, Mike is often found breaking the latest news before anyone else has a sniff of it.

21. Tim Copeland: @timccopeland

Tim is the top guy at Decrypt. Like The Block, it’s an independently run site that offers news, analysis, and insight.

22. CZ Binance: @cz_binance

As the CEO of the world’s largest crypto exchange, Binance, Changpeng Zhao is one of the most recognisable faces in the entire crypto sector.

He is active on Twitter, regularly posting market opinions, news, and the latest goings-on from his company.

23. Willy Woo: @woonomic

Willy Woo is famed name in the crypto sector. He is famed for his market analysis. He was responsible for creating the Bitcoin NVT Ratio, one of the most used fundamental indicators for crypto trading.

24. Frank Chaparro: @fintechfrank

Frank Chaparro is the Director of News at The Block. He is another must-follow if you want to hear about the latest industry events as they happen.

25. Blocks Decoded: @blocksdecoded

If you want an entertaining mix of analysis, opinion, and educational content, follow our very own Twitter account right now.

Know any other good ones? Share your favorite crypto Twitter accounts in the comments. And make sure you check out our other article about the best crypto traders on Twitter.

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