6 Crypto Tickers You Can Run on Your Desktop

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Keeping an eye on the cryptocurrency markets is important. Whether you’re completely new to crypto or an experienced trading whale, the market’s ups and downs are worth tracking.

To help you keep a keen eye on the crypto markets, you can install a cryptocurrency market ticker on your desktop. A desktop crypto ticker keeps the relevant prices on view, highlighting market changes as they take place.

You’ll never miss a crypto-moon again with one of these six desktop cryptocurrency ticker apps.

1. BitTab

bittab crypto ticker

BitTab is one of the most popular cryptocurrency desktop ticker options for Windows. It combines a simple yet intuitive design to bring the ever-changing cryptocurrency market prices to your desktop. 

BitTab isn’t intrusive. Once installed, the ticker sits above your taskbar, updating the prices of the cryptocurrencies you set. There is an extensive range of cryptocurrencies available. It features over 4,000 coins, with prices drawn from over 40 of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges. 

You can also use BitTab for arbitrage trading opportunities—if you’re quick! The app also has price alert alarms for your important coins, as well as integrated calculators and converters.

BitTab is even highly customizable. You can alter the color schemes, layouts, and more to make BitTab suit your desktop design.

Download: BitTab for Windows (Free)

2. Moonitor

moonitor cryptocurrency desktop ticker

Moonitor is a premium crypto ticker app available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

You can use Moonitor to bring cryptocurrency markets to your desktop in the form of a basic ticker, or as a more extensive cryptocurrency chart.

(Note: If you want to learn more about cryptocurrency charts, check out some of best free charting tools for any cryptocurrency.)

Once installed, Moonitor provides real-time price updates using data from Bittrex and Binance. The Moonitor development team is set to add more exchange options in future updates. Handily, Moonitor can also keep tabs on your fiat currency conversions, showing you how much your crypto holdings are worth in real-time.

One boon for Moonitor is its cross-platform compatibility. Your experience is very similar across the major operating systems, which is useful for those whom regularly switch between hardware.

It is, however, a premium cryptocurrency desktop ticker. Moonitor offers a free trial that lets you watch up to eight cryptocurrencies, track five investments or pairings, with real-time market updates. The paid-for Moonitor version unlocks all currencies, unlimited investments or pairings, and allows you to install Moonitor on three different devices. 

Moonitor premium (known as “Moon Explorer”) will set you back around $25.

Download: Moonitor for Windows | macOS | Linux ($25)

3. Coin Tick

cointick crypto ticker

Coin Tick is a macOS cryptocurrency ticker that brings live price updates to your menu bar.

It integrates seamlessly with macOS; you don’t end up with a garish set of icons or charts clouding your desktop. Rather, the prices scroll pleasantly across the menu bar, updating as you see fit. 

If you click the Coin Tick menu bar display, it opens the full Coin Tick cryptocurrency price listing. With over 2,000 different coins available, you can customize your favorite cryptocurrencies to show first, or delve deep into the listings.

There are other customization options, too. You can change the default fiat currency, display order, the number of coins the ticker displays, and much more.

Overall, Coin Tick is a great little macOS cryptocurrency ticker. 

Download: Coin Tick for macOS (Free)

4. Rainmeter Cryptocurrency Tickers

rainmeter crypto ticker

A slightly different take on desktop cryptocurrency tickers comes from the desktop customization tool, Rainmeter.

Using Rainmeter, you can add a huge variety of customizable desktop elements, usually tracking system hardware information such as CPU load, RAM usage, network connection data, and so on. 

There are several cryptocurrency ticker widgets for Rainmeter. One of the best things about using a Rainmeter widget is the level of customization available. Depending on the widget, you can add cryptocurrencies, change colors, add data, daily charts, trading periods, conversion rate comparisons, and much more.

Finding the perfect Rainmeter cryptocurrency ticker can take some time. Here are three options to get you started:

  • R3-Studio Crypto Widgets: features several crypto ticker types, market cap tickers, and much more.
  • Gadgets Additions: features up to ten cryptocurrency price tickers with market cap rankings, plus color-changing icons on price changes.
  • Cryptocurrency Tracker: features modular cryptocurrency tickers, allowing you to pick and choose the coin prices you want to keep an eye on.

Download: Rainmeter for Windows (Free)

5. Cryptocurrency Price Ticker

crypto price ticker

Cryptocurrency Price Ticker allows you to add a single price ticker for any cryptocurrency to your Windows or Linux Mint desktop.

Each cryptocurrency ticker displays an icon, short name, current rank by market cap, and the hourly, daily, and weekly percentage change. 

The Windows version of Cryptocurrency Price Tracker is a Rainmeter skin. You can install it using Rainmeter, then customize the cryptocurrency ticker options.

The Linux Mint version of Cryptocurrency Price Tracker is a native desklet. You can install and manage the Cryptocurrency Price Tracker desklet using the Desklet Management window within Linux Mint.

You can find the full installation details on the Cryptocurrency Price Tracker site. Cryptocurrency Price Ticker is free and open source. 

Download: Cryptocurrency Price Tracker for Windows (Rainmeter Skin) | Linux Mint Desklet (Free)

6. Crypto Price Widget

crypto price widget ticker

The Crypto Price Widget is a customizable open-source desktop cryptocurrency ticker.

Available for both Windows and macOS, it updates every five seconds to keep your crypto market knowledge up to date. You can track almost any cryptocurrency, using one of the 20-most traded fiat currencies.

The Crypto Price Widget is a simplistic approach to a desktop cryptocurrency widget. That’s what makes it great!

Download: Crypto Price Widget for Windows | macOS (Both Free)

What Is the Best Desktop Cryptocurrency Ticker?

If you want a comprehensive cryptocurrency ticker for your desktop, BitTab is one of the best options. It is free, customizable, and features thousands of coins from multiple exchanges. There are other options, however. Many of the smaller, single developer options such as Crypto Price Widget offer an excellent open-source experience, with more options set to arrive. 

Try several cryptocurrency desktop tickers out and see what suits your requirements. You might find that an interactive Rainmeter skin suits you more than a regular cryptocurrency ticker!

Do you use your smartphone to keep tabs on the crypto markets? Here are the best mobile apps for Android and iOS to track your crypto portfolio!

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