The 10 Best ICO Tracking Sites for New and Upcoming ICOs

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It’s impossible to keep up with all the ICOs happening in the crypto world. In 2018, there was an average of 100 new ICOs every month, and 2019 is set to break that record.

For every great ICO, there are dozens of terrible ones. At best, most ICOs have no hope of long-term survival. At worst, they are outright scams.

If you want to make an informed investment decision, you need some help. Keep reading to discover the best ICO tracking sites on the web.

1. ICOStats

ICOStats does a great job of providing retrospective data on past ICOs. If you’re researching a new ICO, this type of information is useful; you can compare the new coin to the performance of similar coins in the past.

Using the sortable columns, you can rank coins’ 24-hour return on investment, all-time return on investment, ICO date, ICO price, current price, and more.

In the left-hand panel, you’ll find multiple filters. You can use them to compare ICOs’ performance vs. Bitcoin and Ethereum. There’s also a way to compare the ICOs of any two coins of your choosing.

2. ICObench

ICObench is one of the most well-known ICO review sites.

There’s a detailed ICO listing section that lets you filter by category and sector, but the site really shines thanks to its panel of experts.

They review upcoming ICOs, then provide ratings and analysis. The site has issued more than 17,000 ratings since going live.

3. ICO Watch List

ICO Watch List displays live ICOs, upcoming ICOs, and completed ICOs across three simple tabs at the top of the page.

For each ICO on the list, you can click on ICO Details to see more information, including the ICOs’ platform, country of origin, total tokens, initial token price, and accepted currencies.

Scroll down, and you will see details about the coin’s team, token distribution, and roadmap. There’s even a latest news section and links to the whitepaper and official website.

For more news about an ICO, check some of the best cryptocurrency news sites.

4. ICO Hot List

ICO Hot List serves two purposes. There’s a master list of all live and upcoming ICOs, and there’s a “Hot List” of the ICOs with the highest potential.

The website’s team curates the hot list. Of course, it should never be used as a substitute for doing your own research. It can, however, serve as a filter and save you from wasting your time on low-quality coins.

5. CoinGecko

CoinGecko is perhaps most well-known as being one of CoinMarketCap’s biggest rivals; the ICO section of the site is under-appreciated.

In addition to the usual array of ICO facts and figures, CoinGecko provides slightly more niche information such as the number of users in the coin’s Telegram group and how many followers the coin has on Twitter. That kind of information can help you make sure that the ICO is not a scam.

6. ICOCreed

ICOCreed is another site that focuses on supplying ratings for upcoming ICOs in an attempt to make investment decisions more manageable. The site’s team of experts give the coin a score out of five.

As with the other sites, you can research the team behind the coin, follow the ICO across its various social media channels, and check the whitepaper, YouTube pitches, and other marketing literature.

ICOCreed also has a section dedicated to airdrops. Airdrops—a free deposit of a token into existing wallets—have become a popular way to raise awareness about new coins and ICOs. The section lets you know about both upcoming and completed airdrops.

7. The Tokener

The Tokener is more than just an ICO listing site.

Sure, all the usual stuff is there, including price, platforms, developers, coin synopses, and whitepaper links. However, there’s an additional accompanying blog.

The blog is aimed at both users and developers. It discusses topics such as ICO regulation, how to build a successful ICO team, and analysis of upcoming ICOs. New posts are infrequent, but they’re definitely worth reading when they do appear.

8. ICOTop

ICOTop uses the more standard grid layout to display information about upcoming ICOs.

It has a couple of columns that you should pay attention to: Boom Rate and Risk Rate. The Boom Rate analyses the hype around the ICO on the web and social media, then suggests how likely the ICO is to be a hit. The Risk Rate offers some insight into how likely the ICO is to be a scam. Remember, ICO scams of one of the most common cryptocurrency scams.

ICOTop has done its own in-depth research on some of the ICOs. The studies covers everything from industry reviews to risk analysis.

9. ICO Champs [No Longer Available]

Like ICOTop, ICO Champs has hype and risk columns for all the upcoming ICOs.

You can sort the information by profit potential, whether the ICO uses an escrow, and whether the ICO has a minimum viable product (MVP). An MVP refers to a coin which is already in use by some customers, and thus, has proved that it works.

We were impressed by ICO Champs’ ability to display upcoming ICOs in a descriptive list or a rated list. It makes it easier to find the information you’re looking for.

10. ICO Drops

We end with ICO Drops. The site isn’t as detailed as some of the others on this list, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

ICOs on the home screen are divided into three categories: Active, Upcoming, and Ended. For each ICO, you can see how much funding has been amassed, how long is left in the ICO, and which business sector the new coin falls into.

You can click on an ICO’s name to find out more.

Learn More About ICOs

If none of the things we have discussed in this piece make any sense to you, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Go back and read our explanation of what is an ICO and our countdown of the most important ICOs of all-time, and you will be up to speed in no time.

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